How to Measure

Before ordering your next press on set...

It is essential to know your correct size before placing a order with Pressallure. There are 2 different ways you can ensure that we make the correct and accurate sized nails that fit you!

Method 1: Send in a photo (to with your hand next to a quarter. Be sure to place the quarter and your hand flat up againsted a surface such as a table. Do the same with your thumb. Please make sure you take your photo with bare natural nails. Please specify desired length and shape.

If you have chose to send in your photos for previous orders, your same measurements will be used for all future orders unless you specify otherwise.

Method 2: Order a sizing kit so that you can physically fit and choose which nails will be best for you. This method allows for you to have more preference. The kit sent out will give you a sample of sizes from 0-9 with your chosen shape and length.

Your order will be started once you have sent back your correct preferred sizes.

Below you will find a detailed tutorial on method 1, method 2, and how to apply your press ons.

Ensuring Your Press ons fit!

How to Apply Your Nails